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The Frame

Dig is a frame game on Farcaster. The objective of the game is to hold the Dig NFT at the right time, because every Monday at a random time, the holder will receive 1k of an ERC 20 from the Dig contract on Base. The ERC 20 contract is here. It can receive any ERC 20. For the automated payouts, the token addesses must be whitelisted by me. This is to prevent the diggers who play the game from receiving spammy tokens. The current whitelisted tokens are up to date on the Dig website. The Dig NFT is a 1 of 1 and cannot be transferred. So the only way to get the NFT is to use the frame. The game launched today and about 400 people have dug the NFT. Since the NFT is on the Ham blockchain, an L3, total gas cost has been less than $1. Search for I've got the Dig on Warpcast to see the game in action.

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